We are harnessing the powerful technological tools that exist to create a machinery of justice that is smooth and efficient, allowing the energy and focus of the system to be channelled into making good decisions and providing a quality experience for users.

Tools that put justice in everyone's hands


We are passionate about creating opportunities for a more just society. We bring together our knowledge of the legal system and technology to create new tools and services that everyone can use.


We believe in a a society that supports everyone to achieve their potential. We believe collaboration is at the heart of how this can be achieved. We bring our skills and perspective to partnerships in pursuit of this goal.


We are exploring how technologies such as AI and machine learning can be deployed to create opportunities for a more just society.

Not just an app

Committed to collaboration

We relish opportunities to mix our skills and knowledge with other people’s as that is so often how the best solutions are discovered.

Driven by a social conscience

Our goals are not just to create a sustainable business and a great customer experience, but also to cultivate deep social change for everyone’s benefit.

Searching for real understanding

We see each of our interactions with the people who use our service as an opportunity to learn more about what an outstanding quality of service means for them.

Excited by open innovation

We are committed to sharing our knowledge and data to encourage any innovation that can foster wider access to justice.

Just Transcriptions,
London, UK